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Responsibility has been embedded in AmRest’s culture since the company was founded, with a single restaurant. Today, as we seek to provide our guests with unforgettable experiences in more than 2,300 restaurants internationally, that focus is unaltered. We are working hard to reduce our environmental impact and to improve our social impact, as an employer and towards the communities we serve.

We actively listen to our customers, our employees, suppliers and investors to make sure we are focused on the issues that matter most. Our approach to sustainability is aligned with global goals and standards, and centers on the stewardship of our food, environment, and people. These pillars, together with robust governance, guide our decision-making as a socially responsible business and make us stronger for the future.


At AmRest, we pride ourselves on the quality and safety of the food we serve. Every day, in each of our restaurants, we work hard to make sure that the meals our customers order are always fresh and prepared to the highest standards. That means we place the highest priority on food safety, complying with relevant local and international legislation.

responsible consumption and production partnerships for the goals

Food safety

A robust food safety culture is core to our success. Through programs and training, we develop our employees’ skillset, increase awareness, and manage risk. We work constantly to establish a food safety mindset and to ensure the right behaviors across the organization.

Nearly 5,000 food safety audits were conducted in restaurants and among our suppliers during 2020.

During COVID-19 we quickly implemented a series of procedures to ensure the highest safety regime in our restaurants.


Our suppliers must meet our strict product quality criteria and requirements for sustainable production standards, animal husbandry, and crop cultivation. They must also uphold employment standards, respect human rights and health and safety in the workplace.

In 2020 nearly 23 of procurement spend was allocated to local suppliers.

Greater menu choice and nutrition value

With customers' health on our minds, AmRest brands have been introducing different menu options to meet our customers dietary needs and lifestyle preferences. AmRest actively seeks to improve the nutritional value of its menus.

In 2020 we continued our program of reformulation of our products, focused on reducing salt, sugar and fats without compromising on taste.


Our success is built on our people and the communities they serve, every day. In towns and cities, across diverse countries, we share values that create a safe and friendly workplace and nurture ambition that anyone can succeed and make an impact. That impact is not only personal growth; it means making a difference to those most in need in the communities where we work.

gender equality decent work and economic growth partnerships for the goals

for everyone

Across all markets where we operate we employ people of different nationalities, religions, and cultures.

At the end of 2020 we employed 44 780 people globally.

  • 55% women, 45% men
  • 2% group gender pay gap
  • +1,000 employees with disabilities
  • +1,400 employees over 50
  • +80% internal promotion rate

A fair and safe

At AmRest we are all driven by a set of shared values which are our compass in everything we do.

We are committed to constantly raising awareness and educating employees in terms of employee health and safety as well as promoting practices helping to create a stable working environment.

We have put in place clear practices so that we live by consistent work ethics. This includes a company-wide Code of Conduct and a global whistleblowing program “Speak Openly”.

our communities

Our restaurants are cornerstones of their communities, where people meet and celebrate. We create the time and opportunity for our employees to make a difference to those who need our help.

During the COVID-19 pandemic AmRest teams quickly responded to calls for support by donating food to the medical staff in the countries where we operate.

+60 000
meals and coffee cups donated to medical facilities in 2020.


We are seeking to build a sustainable future for our company, our employees and the communities where we operate. That demands that we look at every aspect of our business to minimize our impact. To combat climate change, we monitor our carbon footprint and implement multiple initiatives to reduce waste.

responsible consumption and production climate action partnerships for the goals

Eliminating food waste

We strive to reduce waste in every aspect of our operations, through the supply chain, production and at the restaurant. We operate several programs to share quality surplus food to institutions and charities and are actively inviting our guests to participate.

Harvest is a scheme for donating surplus food from restaurants to institutions and organizations that support those in need.

  • +700 tons of food donated since 2016, which is equivalent of over 2 000 000 meals.

Too Good To Go is a mobile app scheme aimed at reducing food waste in a restaurants sector, offering unsold products at a reduced price.

  • In 2020 food products saved under the program helped to reduce carbon footprint by 580 tons CO2.

Climate change

In 2020 we made the calculation of our carbon footprint in all three scopes (Scope 1, 2 and 3) for the first time in our history.
We measured the emissions directly generated by our own operations as well as these generated by our suppliers.



company facilities fuel consumption



purchased electricity purchased heating



purchased goods capital goods

business travel
delivery (outsourced)

In 2020, AmRest participated for the first time in the Climate Change survey by Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP), an independent body specialized carbon and climate risk management.

Towards a circular economy

We are seeking to reduce packaging waste and switch to more sustainable solutions. In line with the European law we are eliminating single-use plastic (SUP) in all our European markets.

Paper bags

Paper containers/wraps

Paper straws

Paper cups

Recycable plastic containers/wraps

Recycable plastic cups

Wooden cutlery


AmRest operates to the highest standards of business conduct and corporate governance. In 2020, we established a Health and Safety Committee on the Board of Directors level and Sustainability Committee at Management Team level. These bodies oversee all the social, ethical and environmental impacts of the business.

Majority of Board of Directors members are independent.
2 out of 7 members of Board of Directors are women.

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